31 December 2007

merry new year from woolgathering...

Word of the Day for Monday, December 31, 2007

bibulous \BIB-yuh-luhs\, adjective:

1. Of, pertaining to, marked by, or given to the consumption of alcoholic drink.
2. Readily absorbing fluids or moisture.

Vineyards are everywhere, especially when Felix approaches Paris, the most populous city in Christendom -- and the most bibulous too, since lousy local wine had to be drunk before it turned sour in a few months.
-- Eugen Weber, "Renaissance Men", New York Times, April 13, 1997

Ever since the joys of the fermented grape were discovered, the bibulous have been waking up feeling the worse for wear.

-- Sally Chatterton, "The Daily Website: www.hungover.net", Independent, September 3, 2001
Bibulous comes from Latin bibulus, from bibere, "to drink."

be safe out there, dear readers. talk to you soon.


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