03 January 2008

novus annus dies...

we're back, ladies and gentlemen. we're back and we're here to stay.

i've missed you, all. i've missed all of you dearly. i want you to know this. i want you to know this because it's a new year. i want you to know this because it's a new year and there are going to be some changes around here.

i've really enjoyed this so far. this whole "online column" thing*, i've really enjoyed it so far. but, while there will still be occasional music/film/ show reviews, and i'm sure more nonsensical, non- sequitor rants regarding religion and politics, i would like to announce that i want to take it up a notch.

starting now, i really want to be sharing with you more, and of better quality, my thoughts on the human condition, particularly as it relates to your's truly. not that i feel i've been wasting my time so far, but i know that i could be going longer, diving deeper. the most i feel i've really shared with you so far, in fact, have been my crazy apostate rants and that does not please me. there's obviously way more out there than me taking cheap shots, basically at my mother's expense. i don't regret it, because i learned a good lesson from it**, but you won't be seeing writings of that type or immaturity again.

it's been said that paul mccartney at heart was a dramatist, john lennon a diarist. anyone who knows me knows who my all- time hero is. that type of work-- though i've nowhere near the talent or insight of mr. lennon, rest in peace-- fundamentally is what i hope to further and achieve here.

alright. let me apologize right now for such a long set- up with no definable payoff, but this is going to be it for today. i will leave you with the knowledge that my hair is longer at this moment than it's been in five or so years, and that my xmas holiday was the best i've ever had. i will leave you hoping that this finds you all well, and that you leave me comments letting me know that you're out there. i will leave you now and until next time, novus annus dies ['happy new year'] and we'll see you soon.


*while i will still be using it as infrequently as possible, i've made peace with the word "blog". let's not make a big fuckin' thing over it.

**and obviously i would be remiss if i didn't throw in a good catholic guilt joke here, but the truth is i have had this nagging sense of something hanging over me as a result of those writings. i cannot explain it, though i stand behind everything i said and this is no mea culpa. but we'll get to that later.

1 comment:

lucy said...

happy new year!

i'm relatively new 'round these parts so i'm not sure what things you may have written that you feel tinges of guilt over, but i do look forward to your future writings.

cheers to digging deeper, and to mr. lennon (my oldest is named after john's mom).