10 January 2008

826 valencia in forbes magazine...

some of you may know that i've been doing a fair amount of volunteer work with a non- profit here in sf called 826 valencia [www.826valencia.org, www.826national.org] since i moved back from athens about a year ago. doing so has brought a profound sense of joy to my life, one that i can only begin to put into words. i've made great friends [with the staff, with other volunteers and of course with the kids], made a little bit of money [i now proudly report for pirate store duty every monday-- come visit me], and brushed up on a lot of elementary school math [anything over a sixth grade level and... i have to get help from the other volunteers].

well i'm thrilled to present you all with this article in forbes magazine [forbes magazine?!] all about 826. i hope you enjoy it-- and for those of you that are the least bit flush i hope you'll strongly consider including 826 in your charitable donations for the year.


ps. i should note that i didn't like what the article said about diana [we literally worked together today]'s parents, both of whom i've met. the author's comments seemed hyperbolic and rather editorial to me.

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