04 December 2007

got to get you into my life...

good morning, beautiful people. i am writing you from within what seems like a spinal tap smoke effect-- my wife was toasting some bread on the stove and went to take a phone call, leaving the kitchen [and the stove]. fast forward fifteen minutes and it's like apocalypse now in there, martin sheen coming up through the water with the war paint on. apparently i need to change the batteries in my smoke alarm, by the way.

i don't really have any agenda this morning [to be honest i never really have an agenda-- the brilliance just uncontrollably pours outta me. i don't ask questions], except to ask you a favor: won't you let me know that you're out there? leave me comments. lavish me with praise. excoriate me with criticism. affect me in no way with your ambivalence. i want to hear from you. what are you thinking? how are you feeling? what are you wearing? anything you want to hear more from me about? less? want to know where to send your check?

i am going to leave it at that this morning-- the treadmill beckons*. have a beautiful day.


*technically the treadmill is more mocking: mocking me for buying the fuckin' thing in the first place.


Danielle said...

well, i've been waiting for something to come to me that would be 'smart' enough for a comment. since that hasn't exactly happened, is it enough that this is my first ever blog comment? probably not really what you're looking for, eh? i must say i've really enjoyed and even look forward to reading the daily view of the woolgathering. nice to learn what goes on inside that noodle of yours! and, thanks for the education. perhaps you could do a little bit about what one could comment about on a blog? a little how to blog for dummies? peace.

Barb said...

ah, it is so nice to have a peek inside your head, so far what i have seen isn't too scary or surprising, but I am expecting that to chance eventually ;-) So right now I am wearing sweat pants and sweat shirt, dreading filling out one more kindergarten evaluation (will they ever end???) and feeling thankful that my dear friend has given me a good reason to procrastinate.