13 December 2007

l.l's.d.p. vol IV [zoso]...

good morning, dear readers. i have been thinking about you.

i have been painting my new stereo closet* this morning, and have to wait for the first coat to dry. and while i am working on a best of 2007 in my head while i'm painting, it's not there yet.

but i thought i could take this opportunity to bring you another installment of l.l's.d.p.-- painting my stereo closet edition, dedicated this morning to my father- in- law. i promise no politics or religion today.

1] for the ladies.

2] totally fucking awesome.

3] really? i mean, really? you're not kidding?

4] did i mention that my stereo closet rules?

5] okay, maybe just a little politics. you know, for xmas.

*my father- in- law built us a most excellent stereo closet to house both my new record player** and all my records***. thanks again, father- in- law.

**an anniversary gift from the wife. thanks again, honey.

***shipped straight from my parent's basement. thanks again, dad****.

****thanks to you, for putting up with all those footnotes just then.

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