02 December 2007

sunday morning, praise the dawning...

hey there everybody. it is a relatively overcast day here in sf but the wife and i are heading out in a minute for an xmas- related day anyway. before we go, however, i wanted to share with you senator jim webb, democrat from virginia, this morning on meet the press talking about what's going on in iraq. senator webb is a politician whom i really like-- smart, plainspoken, deliberate, maybe even a little bit hostile at times.

so if you're interested in what's going on in iraq, this is a great start. i implore you to watch. and of course in the interest of fairness, i've posted the white house response, taken from you tube. but please watch the meet the press first..


meet the press...

NBC Meet the Press Netcast
NBC Meet the Press Netcast

response from the white house...

ps. also, for your trouble, and because i love you so much, here's a little fun at bill o'reilly's expense.

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