27 September 2008

paul newman 1925 - 2008...

paul newman has always been one of my biggest heroes and influences... he was a man who first and foremost did great work-- butch cassidy, cool hand luke, the color of money. he was politically active-- for him it was a source of pride that he was on nixon's "enemies" list. he was a humanitarian and a philanthropist of the highest order-- "newman's own," which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for children's charities, is to me still unparalleled in its genius.

but most of all, to me he was a guy who lived in connecticut and loved his wife. "i have a steak at home; why go out for a hamburger?" was his simple reasoning.

i know it's an uber- cliche, but they don't seem to make them anymore like that, do they?

rest in peace, mr. newman. you were a force for good on this planet and you will be missed.


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