22 September 2008

oh hell yes... bow chicka wow wow...

[from aquarium drunkard*...]


Deep Throat:
a) an early 1970s porn film that is credited with, ahem, among other things, bringing traditional stag films to a mainstream auduence. b) the code name of the government insider/informant during Watergate.

Light In The Attic records just released the official soundtrack to Deep Throat - Anthology, Parts I & II. It’s sound is more akin to an early ’70s blaxploitation film’s soundtrack than that of what would become known as “porn music” a decade later. Bow chicka bow bow.

Note: In the early 1970’s, the U.S. government seized all film reels and master tapes for Deep Throat I. Therefore all musicians and writers are unknown. In early 2004, a number of long-lost reels were discovered, giving fans a deeper glimpse into the legend of Deep Throat. After a detailed restoration by John Golden Mastering, sonic imperfections still do apply, but definite aural improvements have been made, including the conversion from mono to stereo and a considerable decrease in hiss and distortion. (via)




*i provided the rapidshare link. please contact me in the comments section if you have any questions regarding .rar files.

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