22 May 2008

more about prop 98...

[from an email i got earlier today...]

Vote NO on 98—Protect Renters, Homeowners and the Environment
June 3rd: Say NO to Prop. 98

On June 3, voters in California will go to the polls in an election where record low turnout is predicted.

Wealthy landlords are counting on low turnout to help pass a deceptive measure—Prop. 98. Prop. 98 erodes environmental laws and regulations including air and water quality and natural resource protections, eliminates renter protections and rent control and destroys land-use planning laws.

While promoted deceptively as a "pro-homeowner" initiative, Prop. 98 is actually part of the right-wing agenda to make it hard to enforce environmental laws that most homeowners in California support.

We can defeat Prop. 98 by telling our friends, family and neighbors to vote NO on June 3. By voting NO, you will protect our environment, help stop global warming pollution, protect endangered species and water quality across California.

Exercise your fundamental right to vote on June 3rd and say NO to Prop. 98. For more information on No on 98, click here.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton, Activism Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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