14 November 2007

drinking in the afternoon/ l.l's.d.p. vol I...

good morning, dear readers. sorry to have missed you yesterday.

yesterday's no- show [no- blog?] was due to that two friends and i went to the anchor brewery and did the tour, and i just have to say that if you live in sf and have not gone, or are going to be in town and have the two hours, i highly recommend that you do so. reservations are needed, as they keep the tour parties small, but it's all totally gratis and they even serve you after it's done and let you hang out. special thanks to our tour guide, lindsay, who seemed like just the kind of person you wanted to spend an afternoon drinking beer with.
-- drinking in the afternoon.

shifting gears [especially since i do not have a lot of time this morning], i'm going to introduce our first installment of leveraging lee's del.icio.us page [l.l's.d.p.], where i pick out a couple five things that i've found interesting or edifying and repost them for you all to enjoy. and, as always, i'd like to dedicate l.l's.d.p. to cory, brick, and edward-- the fellas behind media gems-- for letting me in and teaching me so much about web 2.0... for without them, none of us would be here right now.

on to it, then, shall we?

1] an interview with alice waters

2] portland/ indie rock

3] hilarious/ indie rock

4] sidney blumenthal is a god

5] also hilarious

hope you all enjoy. tune in tomorrow-- same bat time, same bat channel.


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