19 November 2007

14 july 2007...

what a terrific morning i'm having.

i've spent it [after getting up especially early and hitting the treadmill] looking through one of my best friend's wedding photographs, reliving not just her wedding*, but, in the process, our own as well.

i am especially proud of our wedding. i consider it one of the crowning achievements of my life so far, in fact. the trick my wife and i were able to pull off, what i'm most proud of, was that never did we compromise the vision of how we wanted to present ourselves to the world and that, in the end, all of those decisions [so minutely detailed in some cases, and agonized over-- planning a wedding is hard work] worked out so well.

it was a real coup, one i've come to think of almost allegorically... don't be afraid. trust your instincts. don't acquiesce. shakespeare said it best when he said, "this above all: to thine own self be true".

all this as i was pulling off the most incredible trick of all, getting my wife to marry me in the first place.

what a terrific morning i 'm having.


*i know a thing or two about stunning brides, and if there ever was one [besides mine], she was it.

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