22 April 2008

today's prayer... the meadow party...

some of you who know me know that i have been writing songs for the last couple of months, with recording an album in july [?] in mind.

i spend tuesdays and thursdays, and often much of the weekend, writing [mondays and wednesdays are for 826 valencia]. since i'm not one of those jump outta bed, i have to write this song right now types, i have been treating this endeavor more or less like a job, with a [though somewhat flexible] schedule, and benchmarks/ goals, etc*.

why am i telling you all this?

well i just wanted to share that this project has a name, the meadow party, and i wanted to give you sort of a backstage peek into my creative process, in a way, using this you tube clip as an illustration. i know i've posted lyrics in the past, but this is different.

yeah, that's kinda what i sound like.

go obama.


ps. very seriously i should note that i've been listening almost exclusively to sleater- kinney's "one beat" album for inspiration lately. fucking awesome.

*insert your own bush administration/ iraq war joke here.

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