12 February 2008

happy valentine's day...

Word of the Day for Thursday, February 14, 2008

amative \AM-uh-tiv\, adjective:

Pertaining to or disposed to love, especially sexual love; full of love; amorous.


woolgathering...'s valentine's day mixed tape. [also a gift to my honey].

Be Your Husband (Live) :: Jeff Buckley :: Live At Sin-é
Brown Eyed Girl :: Van Morrison :: Van Morrison • The Early Years

No One's Gonna Love You :: Band Of Horses :: Cease To Begin

Woman :: John Lennon :: Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon

My Girl :: Otis Redding :: The Definitive Collection

California Stars :: Billy Bragg and Wilco :: Mermaid Avenue
In My Life :: The Beatles :: Rubber Soul
Tomorrow Is a Long Time :: Bob Dylan :: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

I Will :: The Beatles :: The Beatles [White Album]

Words of Love :: Buddy Holly :: The Buddy Holly Collection

Parachutes :: Pearl Jam :: Pearl Jam

I'm The Man Who Loves You :: Wilco :: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Nobody Does it Better :: Carly Simon :: Clouds In My Coffee

Where Is My Love :: Cat Power :: The Greatest

Going To California :: Led Zeppelin :: [Box Set]
What A Wonderful World :: Louis Armstrong :: What A Wonderful World
Lucky :: Radiohead :: OK Computer
Baby, I Love You :: The Ramones :: End Of The Century
Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits :: The Magnetic Fields :: 69 Love Songs, Vol. 1

happy valentine's day, everybody.

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