20 December 2008

re: the meadow party/ woolgathering...

a personal note: the record is basically done-- the instrumental tracks, that is. off for the xmas break and then percussion, piano and organ overdubs as well as vocals. [and then of course mixing/ mastering.]

overall it's been an amazing experience, and i'd like to thank patrick pfeiffer and especially james caran for all the effort, long days, and takeout food we shared.

i have been locked in a recording studio for ten- twelve hours a day for the last two weeks. i haven't really gotten any sleep, waking up several times a night with what i can only describe as nebulous anxiety. my wife thinks i've gone insane. i've gained like five pounds. and at the risk of sounding incredibly trite, it was fucking awesome and i'd do it all over again. i put the crank in the side of the machine and a bunch of little songs i wrote in various kitchens and bedrooms over my thirty- one years have come alive.

today's prayer: one of my favorite instrumentals. enjoy.


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